Innovation as an engine of evolution

Transforming ideas into efficient new technological developments to help build a sustainable future


ACCIONA sees innovation not only as a differentiating factor, but also as an intrinsic part of creating sustainable solutions that respond to major global challenges.

We incorporate the latest technological advances into the development of our projects and the generation of new businesses, while bringing technology closer to markets and customers to drive sustainable development together.

In an ongoing exploration for new ideas that improve our processes and help us design a better planet, we combine the most open, disruptive and digital innovation with innovation centres.

We channel the innovation processes through our cutting-edge centres specialising in construction, water technologies and renewable energies, which act as a platform for the development of business activities and new technological solutions.

The open innovation platform I'MNOVATION supports the innovation programs with startups and the Intrapreneurship, and from the Digital Innovation Hub we promote the application in the business of technologies such as:

  1. Data science
  2. Internet of Things
  3. Robotics and artificial intelligence
  4. Blockchain
  5. Virtual, Augmented and mixed reality
  6. 3D printing

The latest news in innovation

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The latest news in innovation

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The latest news in innovation

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