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Transport infrastrucure projects are a key ingredient to the liveable cities status we all value so highly. Provides the answer to congestion and accessibility, to improvements in services and a sense of future-proofing spaces.

+ 70%

of the population lives in cities


ACCIONA’s own innovations have always been at the forefront of the development of interconnected areas, using careful planning and technology to create safe and reliable transport networks, without devaluing the surrounding communities and the voice of local residents and retailers.

The benefits of interconnected cities extend beyond the practical. With greater access to local amenities, not to mention people, retailers can expect greater foot traffic, and interaction between multiple communities can mean a greater sense of connectivity, and in turn wellbeing. Furthermore, a more interconnected city can also mean a safer and more sustainable community.

In line with achieving the SDGs, ACCIONA's global business also offers sustainable solutions in the fields of bridge engineering, tunnels, special transport structures, as well as in ports, airports, airport services, forwarding, and in the development of telecommunications transmission networks and data centres with a high level of efficiency and a low environmental impact. The company is present in all phases of the value chain of these infrastructure construction projects and transport solutions.

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Building resilient transport netwoks for the cities of the future.

450 km

of road built in Australia


of heavy rail built in Australia



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