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ACCIONA | SAINZ XE Team gears up for second Extreme E race in Dakar's Lac Rose

Corporate27 May 2021

New competition: Extreme E is the first championship that will promote the fight...

Federation University to build Australian-first renewable energy training tower

Energy27 Apr 2021

Federation University Australia is set to build Australia’s first wind turbine training tower in ...

ACCIONA places "Sustainable Regeneration" at the core of its activities

Corporate22 Apr 2021

The new plan seeks a net positive impact across four areas: climate, biodiversity, circular econo...

MacIntyre Wind Farm receives approval for development

Energy20 Apr 2021

ACCIONA’s MacIntyre Wind Farm has achieved a significant milestone, with development approval gra...

The ACCIONA|SAINZ XE TEAM finishes third in the first Extreme E Prix Semi-Final

Corporate4 Apr 2021

Carlos Sainz and Laia Sanz reached the fourth place in the Desert X Prix, which gives th...

The ACCIONA|SAINZ XE Team debuts in Saudi Arabia in Extreme E, the new sustainable competition

Corporate31 Mar 2021

The ACCIONA | Sainz XE Team will make its debut this Saturday, April 3rd, in Extreme E...

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Emission targets in Australia and reef health - what does it all mean?

Energy11 Jun 2021
Strength in numbers. The Paris Agreement is a treaty consisting of 196 countries who have committed ...

First Nations business builds legacy on Bruce Highway

Transport28 May 2021
A First Nations business in South East Queensland is celebrating a milestone contract on ACCIONA’s B...


Transport25 May 2021
Coleman Rail, a subsidiary business of ACCIONA, is currently accepting applications for their mid-se...

The latest news about sustainability

Is the world ready for a 100 % renewable energy model?

We are convinced that the transition to a renewable energy model is the only way forward if we want to maintain life on the planet as we know it

The latest news about sustainability

World Environment Day: Regenerative agriculture to ensure a sustainable future

Former Rugby player David Pocock talks about sustainable ways of managing land as part of the solution for the climate crisis and the loss of biodiversity.

The latest news about sustainability

From cowboy economy to spaceman economy

The spaceman economy is characterised by the efficient management of limited resources, threatened by overexploitation and pollution.

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Two-way questions on work-life balance during job interviews

All that is at stake in a professional job interview can lead to the interviewee falling prey to nerves and wasting the opportunity. Talking too much, not being specific in their answers, and even being too cautious in their replies. And in the case of the interviewer, they may make the mistake of not presenting... View Article

There are tools and techniques to overcome misgivings and mistrust when dealing with work-life balance guarantees during the process of looking for new job opportunities.

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Gender inequality in old age: the pension of women

If the gender pay gap is worrying, the pension gap between women and men should be even more so. While wage differences are around 16% on average in the European Union according to data from the European Commission (2019), the differences in pensions widen to 35%, with the lowest difference in Estonia (3.1%) and the... View Article

The quality of life of older people also depends on their financial income, obtained through pensions after retirement. Women’s pensions are, on average, lower than those of men. The key to ending gender inequality in pensions starts in the workplace.

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Flexible working model: the hot desking strategy

Businesses are changing. The emergence of teleworking in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic has forced even the most conservative companies to change not only the way we work, but also the spaces in which we work. Initially, this transformation was motivated by necessary social distancing measures, but it’s now consolidating out of conviction. If... View Article

The benefits of the hot desking flexible working model go beyond convenience. This new hybrid system between remote and face-to-face working has advantages for both employees and the company, as well as for the environment.


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